80 X 40 cm, drawing with pencil and aceton print on paper

Vienna 2012

In February 2012 I visited my biological family for the first time to understand and process my own history. These drawings are illustrations of my experiences.

I have always known that my family members live in a Roma Gheto, in absolute poverty without electricity and water. Questions such as: why do people have to live in these precarious conditions? Why does this cause massive social differences in a country in Central Europe? What are the consequences for our society? This brought me to my approach to my artistic implemetation.At the same time, this experience became the focus of my work: questions of identity and dealing with xenophobia, racism, exclusion and the systematic marginalization of various minorities - especially the Roma minority. I deal with social-critical, political issues, identity problems and new perspectives of different minorities in the European context. Starting point of my work are new experimental forms of drawing as resistance to exclusion and racism.