You will never belong into my space

Photo - replica of my father‘s house - model 1:20 (20x30x30cm)

Vienna 2020

The starting point of my concept are physical and metaphorical exclusions and the life in hopeless isolation. During the last few months, we all felt what it was like to live in isolation. Temporary classifications and separations of the poor from the rich no longer played a role. This condition affected everyone and we all suddenly had to cope with this insulation in a very short time. This gave me the idea of ​​reporting anew about people who have had to live in isolation and exclusion for generations in order to be able to convey the necessary socially critical discourses. My work addresses problematic approaches of the Roma minority to normative society because this group had to live in isolation for generations and a large part of it still does today.

In addition to the physical locations, the mental locations play an important role - they become the guidelines for my installation through which the viewer is to be guided metaphorically. In these irrationally connoted rooms, I tried to merge with reality emotionally and often very painfully. The complex exhibition picture is intended to open up completely new questions and to form a new perspective through the autobiographically drawn narratives. Above all, the dysfunctions of a society, conceived through hierarchical classifications, are dealt with without our consent. I hereby build new narratives without false and clichéd attributions about my ethnic group, my family and about me.

Reconstracted memories 1

Reconstracted memories 2