A window in the house of my father

Reconstracted Memories

Vienna 2020

My work refers to the past, physical and mental spaces that I and my family have entered and that have become fundamental to my life. In this installation, I tell stories of merging and describe abstract and emotional places of my past. The starting point of my concept are metaphorical boundaries, exclusions and locations. I describe physical places like my father’s house in a Roma Gheto, or the prison where my father spent many years.

Besides the physical places, the mental places get an important role. They become the guideline of my installation, through which the viewer is to be guided metaphorically. In these irrationally charged spaces I have tried to merge with reality emotionally and often very painfully.

The complexly created Installation is intended to open up completely new questions and form a new perspective through the autobiographical narratives. Above all the dysfunctions of a society are questioned, conceived by hierarchical classifcations and dealt with without our consent. Herwith I build new narratives, without false and cliché attributions about my ethnic group, my family and about myself. I call them coerce places and artifcially created places of education.

The central work is a large format photo of a model of my father’s house. The viewer understands only on closer inspection that the room is not real. The meticulously crafted miniature I built this house ,after which I visited my biological family. I have recreated this memory in a small proportion, depicting a ctitious, dramatic scene, caused by fire. Exactly this scene actually happened years later. In February 2019, my father Edo Gabris burned to death in this house.

Reconstracted memories:

A window in the house of my father, replica 1:20 (20x30x30cm), Vienna 2020

Reconstracted memories:

A window in the house of my father, replica 1:20 (20x30x30cm), Vienna 2020