You will never belong into my space

Replica of my father‘s house - model 1:20 

Vienna 2020



This work illustrates a completely distorted reality and questions whether we only believe, claim or know. How does the transmission of false, illustrative, completely absurd images work and how quickly are they accepted by us as the truth? In this photo, I address an unbearably harsh exclusion of my biological father from society. He himself called it the “absolute separation of space” and meant “You (addressed to the Slovakian white society) will never belong in my room”, just as he was never allowed to be an indifferent part of this society. I use a totally exaggerated narrative about us - garish colors, magic and superstition - and thus convey the absurdity of these two opposing poles.


This model was built in 1:20 scale, photographed and a copy printed in original size. Everything that is on it has nothing to do with reality. Nevertheless, the question still remains, how real can an illusion be conveyed?