Performance and installation with Autoprints on silk

Vienna / Florence Artist Residence,Villa Romana


In this installation I personify the life of a motionless and paralyzed insect trough knotting my body with ropes and bamboo branches. And so, i became a compulsive part of antropological research, collecting, homogenising and presenting us proudly behind a glas box in a museum. 

Welcome to my Insectology. 

The focus of my work centers around the bare human body, a tool that I reinterpret demonstratively. The constant change through drawing embodies my inner contemporaneity and queerness. The imagery created through this reflection demonstrates a subjective resistance to mainstream, normative thinking. In this series I used black ink to mirrorprint parts of my body, such as my hands, fingers, ears and genitals.

These prints, which I made in large format on silk point to an entomological collection that examines the relationship between insects and humans. I meticulously dissect my body with a thin pen on paper, overdraw and redefine its shapes. I draw the state of being rejected as an object of disgust. On the other hand, there is also an element of glory in the fact that it is always associated with the fear of non-humanity. 

My body and identity are in constant motion. This is the only thing I can find after years of searching for a reference to the topic of Roma resistance¬Ě. My identity has no significant ethnological attributes and I distance myself from previous anthropological research.

I don't emigrate, I don't assimilate, I don't integrate. If you want to identify my fingerprints, you have to go through my Insectopia.

© photos Ela Bialkowska, OKNOstudio


Florence/Vienna 2020

Autoprints, black ink and fineliner 0,25mm

41x29cm, Vienna 2020