drypoint scratching on plexiglass, interactive installation with luminescent light and shadows

Vienna/Udine  2017

The darkness reminds me of a forest that I have been only once ... and entered never again. It seems to me that this forest is only an imagination, because I have often searched for it and always tried to imagine its forms. I have often drawn it, but it had disappeared - it might never have been there.The only thing that reminds me today of this forest are its shadows and outlines, which so- metimes oscillate in my dream, in a total darkness.

What happened in this forest at that time seems to have been a memory that has almost been com- pletely extinguished. To create them again and imaginarily enter their outlines, it must be dark and quiet. Nothing can frighten them, no one can take them away from here.

In my concept, I would like to realize a dream image and to discuss an abstract forest.

Although based on a real memory, today it has become merely an illusion, an delusion or an unre- ality. It is a vision that each and every one of us has in them and can create with their own imagina- tion. I would like to ask how real the reality in which we live actually is and how great their distance from the illusion is. The forest, which I call here as a utopia, hope, or idealism, is now relative. Ever- ything that seems real to us in this moment is going to be only a memory in the next few seconds.

Shadow is the absence of light and the light is the only source of shadow. Dependency on memories - We know because we remember. How  fictitious is our reality? Are our memories a utopia? If so, what do we live?Did this forest exist or is it merely a utopia? Is it just an imagination of a perfect image that exists only as a wish in my head? Is it still possible to reproduce a memory so realistically? Or is it just a utopia to create such a perfect image like this forest?