my own blood on 30 x 20 cm paper

Kali Berga 2016

The day after the latest parliamentary elections in Slovakia and the subsequent entry of the right-wing nationalist party, I went shopping for bread. On this day, everything seemed like a paranoia, because even the pastry was turned to the right. Then I understood how quickly our policies affect everyday social life, transport negative information and even mistranslation.

In my concept, I draw the typical pastries for all people in the former Eastern bloc countries such as Poland or Slovakia, with my own blood. In these areas, Roma People are accused of taking away money, food and work of the population. For this reason I give, so to speak, with my own blood back this ‚stolen’ food. The pastry is the symbol of nationality and the blood that of ethnicity. Although many use the ethnicity to stigmatize a certain part of the population, they all have the same nationality and are therefore regardless of their religious affiliation or gender equal. In this workIt the nationalism of these countries should be criticized that various ethnic groups live here despite a same nationality. They have to be assimilated, accepted and dealt with accordingly.