42x29,7cm sketchbook drawings

Colored pencils on paper

Vienna 2018

My drawings illustrate gay sex dating through mobile apps. Explicitly drawn and described in detail sex arrangements show funny, comic-like ideas and preferences that sometimes lead to absurdity. My drawings are also an ironic commentary on sexual racism in a very reduced sex-dating language - called "Cyberlove".

This is an additional drawing titled "Slovakian fathers, you have nice sons" i have made for the exhibition Queer Stories in the Gallery Tranzit Bratislava, curated by Christiane Erharter. This drawing is a statement with a specific slovakian context / traditional slovakian song "Slovakian mothers, you have nice daughters" which is a critical comment of homophobia and gender discrimination against women in my country.

Tranzit Bratislava - Queer Stories 

 Queer Stories / Tranzit Gallery, Bratislava 2018 (SK)

Art queer space Vienna / Kunsthalle Exnergasse / Wien 2019 (AT)